breathe out

I’ve tried to cut some out of this mess

Even so I’m left with too many holes

Painful goodbyes are the price I pay

for knowing and loving remarkable souls.

What if I told you that everything physical upon which you rely daily, you have to give up?

Most likely, you wouldn’t be very pleased with me.  So bear with me for a brief moment. I’ll start trying to earn your attention again by paying you a compliment that I sincerely mean.

You are stronger than you know.

Now, you’ve probably heard someone say this or read it somewhere before, but my context and motive are both different.  I’m telling you, that everything upon which you rely daily, you already give up.  The increments of time are varied, but you are no stranger to letting go.  On a very basic level, think about oxygen. O2, our resource without which we wouldn’t survive!  You may take up to 30,000 breaths per day, and in order to take a good breath, you have to first: breathe out.

Unfortunately, many goodbyes are not as easy as breathing out.  Above is just a tiny tribute I wrote for some of those I consider significant figures in my life, all of which I have had to say goodbye to at one time or another for a myriad of reasons.  There are some relationships that you feel you could never go a day without.  You feel like you’d die if your tie was severed.  The odds are really good that you wouldn’t die because you are strong.  You are strong because you are conditioned in the ways of pressing on and moving forward, more so every day.  Each time you feel like you are losing something that you greatly relied on, I urge you to breathe out.  Remind yourself in this overly simplistic way that you can let go of things, even things you vitally need!  See, the thing about oxygen is that we have this inherent, blind faith (thanks to functioning respiratory systems) that it will return to our lungs.  Although it’s not always instinctive, I encourage you to find similar faith when letting go of relationships or situations.  Let it inspire you to believe if they are meant to supply you with what is necessary for your survival, that they will be returned to you.  Or perhaps you were blessed with a beautiful moment, and that’s all it was meant to be.  You are strong, so be grateful. Breathe out.

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