How cruel it is that we teach children the word ‘failure.’  Hardly anybody knows what it really means.  I cannot say that I do for sure, but, for my own peace of mind, I’ve pushed to see such a negative word in a more positive light.

Nowadays, everyone is telling us to be unique.  However, I do not think it is wrong to have similar goals as others.  On the contrary, in my experience, it is beneficial to surround yourself with people who reach for stars in the same constellation.  Where it becomes tricky is when you set your rocket ship to follow the same trajectory as another’s, and you expect to be able to grab your star.  Try your own hand, and trust your own creativity.  Failure is inevitable this way, but you never know what may bring success (which is yet another dangerous word).  There is nothing wrong with accepting that something that works for someone else does not work for you.  In addition, it may take far longer for you to find your groove, and that is a-okay.  Embrace the journey you are on because no one else will ever have the opportunity to take it.  One of the best parts about this trial-and-error life we live is that each new road we take, we meet new, beautiful souls.  The familiar souls you meet in the midst of unfamiliar circumstances give the breath you breathe renewed sweetness.  In this way, I would like to think that failure is closer to serendipity than I thought.

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