discover you

The proximity of Valentine’s Day puts all kinds of things on our newsfeeds, including articles discussing date ideas and celebrating love.   One I came across was a list of questions to test your chemistry with “your crush.”  I decided to try to answer these questions for myself simply out of curiosity.

In doing so, an idea that has been a frequent visitor in my mind resurfaced.  I think it is far more important to get to know yourself than it is to get to know any other person.  After all, you are the only person you with whom you spend your entire life.

Think of the people you love most in the world.  You share special memories, and you know things about them that few know.  You have learned to look past unsavory things they have said or done because you know their hearts.  So why do we not look past our own mistakes and regrettable choices?  I am willing to venture a guess. We do not know our own hearts.

Uncover the things you want to do differently in the future.  Be reminded of things you love about yourself.  Pursue a deeper understanding of who you are, just as you would with those you love.  Take time to get to know the uniquely lovable person you are.

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