A Breeze Would Be Nice

On days like today, there are several ways to describe the air: hot, gross, thick, close… I could really go on and on.  At least for many Minnesotans, it was an uncomfortably warm day.  For others, it may have been reminiscent of the place they grew up, and perhaps they would describe the air as familiar or maybe even comforting.  A word that may not come to mind for most is temporary. Whether the temperature was a sweet reminder of days gone by or a slightly sickening look into another hemisphere’s norm, just as it came, the air will blow away.

Our Earth is constantly teaching us what is natural and true.  It may seem too overt to state that things that come must also go, but how often can we say we really apply this truth…  At least in my life, when something beautiful presents itself, my first instinct is to hold on until my veins threaten to burst.  No matter what worth we place on people or things or situations, they will not and cannot stay.  This is not a truth to be grieved, but to be understood.  I think knowing this truth is one way we can erase expectation by some fraction and in doing so decrease the amount of heartbreak felt as things change.  We are not always comforted by change, but I really do believe that change can be for the better, and that is something to celebrate when we live in a broken world like this one.

For better or for worse, nothing is forever.  The air may erupt into a thunderstorm or pass as a breeze, but no matter how it does it, the air will blow away and someday nothing will be the same.

One thought on “A Breeze Would Be Nice

  1. I read your notes here at ‘amercurialmuse’ from time to time. This one is particularly profound in my opinion. I aim to live in the essence of this truth. It gives my days a remarkable brightness that a few years ago I didn’t even know existed. As we live in this truth together, we will laugh at most of life’s curves, and abrupt changes. Thank you for writing.


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