Fear spreads. Fear slips through the tiniest spaces and overpowers even the strongest positivity; it is disease. No clear point of origin, fear travels on its own schedule through our thoughts and even into our dreams. Sometimes fear shouts. Other times it only whispers. One day, I feel as though fear is a current running through all I do, while another day I’m sure I’ll never be afraid again (until I see a state trooper on the shoulder of the highway and wonder if my heart will return to it’s rightful place in my torso).

Paralyzing, fear can keep you from setting and achieving goals, seeking help, or simply trying something you’ve never done before (i.e. eating something that is still moving ???). Fear comes in a myriad of forms, but an interesting fact about fear is that no one has exactly the same experience with it. Take a poll! . . .Or maybe don’t, that wouldn’t be a very light-hearted party game. But if you were to take a poll, you’d probably find that you don’t have identical fears as your peers (ugh, sorry- unintentional rhyme). While this emphasizes the ambiguity of fear and, therefore, how scary it is (very redundant, bear with me), it is also exciting. The things that keep me up at night don’t keep my best friend from a refreshing 8 hours. Why that’s exciting rather than isolating is that I know that my fear isn’t unbeatable. The idea that someone else does not struggle with the same fears I do shows me that my fears are not just an inherent part of the human condition. This was an acquired fear, which leads me to believe it can be conquered.

Whatever kind of fear you’re dealing with, remember:.

1.) You are not alone. Everyone is afraid of something.

2.) Fear is not permanent.

3.) Feeling fear is not weakness, but growing from it shows great strength.

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